"Helena Haunts the China Hutch"

Wanted to put together a little photo sequence for you all showing the different stages of working leather. I am frequently asked if I stamp the picture with a giant stamp or if I buy things already made and paint on them. The answer is "sort of" and "no." Every piece I create starts with raw veggie-tan hide, a pattern for the leather and a pattern for the image going onto it. This Piece was created for "NOCTURNE." An Art show coming up on November 12th. The theme being that submitted artwork should be "Inspired by Night".
In addition to the given theme, I was super excited to make something from the salvaged wood piece (the frame), and actually created the scalloped,studded border before I even sketched out an image! So The photos start with my sketch and end with the finished result,hopefully giving you an idea of all the layers in between.
Enjoy! xo